About Me

My name is João and I live in Dublin, but I am originally from Brazil. I love working with people and making connections, this is why I firstly graduated in Psychology and worked many years in the area. But my passion was always taking photos, so I post-graduated in Photography at Positivo University, having the chance to learn with the most renowned names in the Photography of Brazil.

Documentary photography is my passion, capturing and eternalizing those unique moments is what I most love doing. It was shooting weddings and portraits that I found my true identity as a Photographer. Working with people, telling stories, catching emotions and showing real-life through the pictures is where I show off my best as Photographer.

My primary occupation gave me as a Photographer the expertise to hear, connect, and help my clients to relax when they don't feel comfortable in front of a camera. I know how special is for you and your family the wedding day, your photographer will be the person who will be close to you two during the whole day, so it is important to have a calm and professional photographer, who will help the day goes smoothly and pleasant.

I will be very pround to be your wedding photographer and I promise to exceed your expectations with photographs that show how magical and amazing that day was, that your wedding day was unique and nothing like anyone else's.